A Forest Pt. 5: Poetry Must Be Made By All



…I prepared a film screening in the Palais de Chaillot dedicated to the cinéma insolite*. André Breton would have acted as host for the event.  The special about this screening would have been to show that in failed or mediocre films there are scenes or shots of unexpected beauty  which amount to surrealist exaltation.
But when it came to putting up the posters, I suddenly felt Breton’s anguish to appear in public. He told me that he feared repressions from Tzara against whom he had intervened recently at the Sorbonne. Therefore I suggested to get security guards to protect him and eventually, fearing that he would  cancel his appearance at the last moment, I called off the screening to his profound relief.
Georges Franju in M. – M. Brumagne: Franju – Impressions et aveux

* Insolite means literally, unusual. According to Kate Ince, who wrote a monography on Franju, it is “an eruption of the discontinuous in familiar continuity”.

Hotel du libre échange
Franju planned to include L’hôtel du libre échange in the program.

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