A Forest Pt. 1: Psychogeography (Serialism)



One will soon understand that there was nothing more realist and more poetic at the same time as serials, which not long ago were the joy of  free spirits. It is in The Exploits of Elaine, it is in Les Vampires that one will have to search for the great reality of the century. Beyond fashion, beyond taste. Come with me. I will show you how one writes history.
Louis Aragon and André Breton – Le Trésor des Jésuites, 1929

Trail of the Octopus

I cannot see, as I hurry along, what would constitute for me, even without my knowing it, a magnetic pole in either space or time. (…) Not even the memory of the eighth and last episode of a film I saw in the neighbourhood, in which a Chinese who had found some way to multiply himself invaded New York by means of several million selfreproductions. He entered President Wilson’s office followed by himself, and by himself, and by himself, and by himself; the President removed his pince-nez. This film, which has affected me far more than any other, was called The Trail of the Octopus.
André Breton – Nadja, 1928

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