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…I prepared a film screening in the Palais de Chaillot dedicated to the cinéma insolite*. André Breton would have acted as host for the event.  The special about this screening would have been to show that in failed or mediocre films there are scenes or shots of unexpected beauty  which amount to surrealist exaltation. But […]

Only a few months ago I was able to satisfy myself, while pondering the single theme of a remarkable film entitled Berkeley Square – the new occupant of an old castle manages, by bringing back to life in his hallucinations those who occupied it in former times, not only to mingle with them but also, […]

Screencap from Peter Ibbetson via Deleuze Cinema Project 1. What is most specific of all the means of the camera is obviously the power to make concrete the forces of love which, despite everything, remain deficient in books, simply because nothing in them can render the seduction or distress of a glance or certain feelings […]

Screencap via Cockeyed Caravan Cinema, insofar as it not only, like poetry, represents the successive stages of life, but also claims to show the passage from one stage to the next, and insofar as it is forced to present extreme situations to move us, had to encounter humor almost from the start. The early comedies […]

One will soon understand that there was nothing more realist and more poetic at the same time as serials, which not long ago were the joy of  free spirits. It is in The Exploits of Elaine, it is in Les Vampires that one will have to search for the great reality of the century. Beyond […]