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I’ve just spent a terrifying year: my Thought has thought itself and reached a pure Concept. All that my being has suffered as a result during that long death cannot be told, but, fortunately, I am utterly dead, and the least pure region where my Spirit can venture is Eternity. My Spirit, that recluse accustomed […]

The latent content of a Madeleine exposed through Coppelius’ lenses Hitchcock signed the virtually unknown Alec Coppel to the San Francisco project … There’s no compelling evidence to suggest why Hitchcock chose Coppel. Dan Auiler, Vertigo – The Making of a Hitchcock Classic All following excerpts are from: The Sandman by E. T. A. Hoffmann […]

A Realization


Therefore one goes from pure science to applied science worthy of La Palisse: a statement of what is visible to the mortal eye (it is always a matter of mortal eyes, hence vulgar and very flawed, even supposing them reinforced by the scientists’ microscopes; and the sensory organ being a cause of error, the scientific […]

While the tonal, the totality of conscious existence, shapes the individual being, the tonal is in turn shaped by the nagual, by everything it is not, which surrounds us like a mold. The tonal tends to shut out and deny the nagual, which takes over completely in the moment of death… the role of the […]