Bad Girls, Naughty Boys


In 1869 Isidore Ducasse, aka Comte de Lautréamont, wrote a letter to his publisher Verboeckhoven were he admitted to be influenced by the lectures of Ernest Naville  on  The Problem of Evil.

In order to know your exact position in this respect, suspend the action of your will, and watch the passing current of your thoughts and feelings, as a shepherd, half-sleeping, views the river flow by.
I refer to the state of reverie. We can determine, in a general way, what is the tendency of humanity, when relaxing the control of the will, it gives itself up to reverie, and the man allows the human nature in him to have its course. God forbid that I should ignore the pure dreams of many young maidens, or the noble aims which fire the imagination of many young men ! Brilliant flashes and bright gleams dart into our souls, but alas! these gleams and flashes too often serve only to discover our darkness.
Ernest Naville

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