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Image from the Codex Laud The naualli, or magician, is he who frightens men and sucks the blood of children during the night. He is well skilled in the practice of this trade, he knows all the arts of sorcery (nauallotl) and employs them with cunning and ability; but for the benefit of men only, not […]

The sirens sing when reason sleeps. Max Ernst A key scene in Blue Velvet was intended to feature “Song of the Siren” by This Mortal Coil, but when the rights to the song proved prohibitively expensive, it was suggested that Badalamenti compose a pop song in the same style, with lyrics written by Lynch. Because the […]

Collage by Jean-Jacques Lebel (1962) Reason is a light which makes me see things as they are not. Francis Picabia

In 1869 Isidore Ducasse, aka Comte de Lautréamont, wrote a letter to his publisher Verboeckhoven were he admitted to be influenced by the lectures of Ernest Naville  on  The Problem of Evil. In order to know your exact position in this respect, suspend the action of your will, and watch the passing current of your […]

Our Darkness


All colours disappear in the night and despair has no diary…[1] Charles Robert Maturin In his foreword to the English translation of the  first systematic survey of film noir, Panorama du Film Noir Américain, film historian James Naremore remarked that surrealism “had always been crucial to the reception of any art described as noir“. The […]