“Restent à définir les conditions de la lutte, puisque tant est que la jeunesse et le risque de désœuvrement absolu que nous courions nous l’ont fait engager.”

“It still remains to define the conditions of the fight, since both youth and the risk of absolute idleness that we took led us to start it.”
André Breton, Pourquoi je prends la direction de la Révolution Surréaliste
La Révolution Surréaliste N° 4


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  1. glad to see you posting again!

  2. Content d’avoir des nouvelles !

  3. 3 jahsonic

    Look who’s back!

  4. a recommendation from jahsonic is hard to resist

  5. Now that’s what I call a nice reception. You’re very welcome, too, Nursemyra.

    “Imagine a grid of national boundaries, and on to those project a new, non-physical communications-derived geography – tribes of like-minded thinkers. (…)
    This balance between the native identity and the global identity via various electronic extensions is not one that can be dictated or necessarily predicted …. that’s where it becomes very useful to look at other cultures, small cultures …”
    Jon Hassell in David Toop’s Ocean of Sounds

  6. and I’m back again. I love that image.

  7. I too am glad to see you’re back. The best for 2008!

  8. are you going to post again?

  9. A post is in preparation.

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