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A couple of days ago I received the ‘Thinking Blogger’ award from Esotika Erotica Psychotica. I don’t know if I deserve an award with such a name as it took me quite a while to understand that I received it.
Well, I accept this award (which is basically a meme) because I’m in such good company and because it looks cute. Documents who was also honoured by Esotika wrote a really interesting essay on chainletters for this occasion so I advise you to read it.

The rules are as follows:

1. If, and only if, one gets tagged, one is obliged to write a post with links to five blogs that make one think,
2. One must link to the original post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. And one may display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’.


Esotika imposed on himself a rule which I’ll try to follow as well.

I’m not going to name any blogs that have, to my knowledge, already received the award. Of course, I don’t read every blog on the internet, but I figure the addition of this rule can help generate more linkage for more people!

This one’s hard because almost everyone on my blogroll already has the award. Here are my tags:

La main gauche
La main gauche made me aware that there are present day equivalents to Grandville and Alfred Kubin and that Joel Peter Witkin isn’t necessarily the last word in staged photography.

The laughing bone
A cross between the Amok catalogue and National Geographics. In Sean Casey’s blog you’ll find fascinating articles on spermaceti, diableries and the most beautiful assortment of skeletons.

Cartoon Modern
I found this blog while collecting material about UPA for one of my posts. I’m usually not prone to nostalgia but Amid Amidi’s devotion for the animation of the fifties brings us back to a golden age in this field.

I got the feeling that ‘The Thinkin Blogger’ award doesn’t go very far beyond the anglophone world. So, although my Spanish is virtually non-existant, I award the filmblog Sedmikrasky (the original Czech title of Daisies), because his selection spanning from Busby Berkeley to Michel Gondry seems to reveal a kindred spirit.  

This Jazz Ain’t Free
I recently became interested in the short short story. Here is one by Fredric Brown for example.
The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door.
Oliver’s blog is very minimalistic, too and I must admit that this kind of restriction has something really disquieting and mysterious.


4 Responses to “Thinking Made Me Do It”

  1. Thanks for the link!
    Your blog looks really cool. Yep we may be some sort of kindred spirits! And E.E.P. looks so interesting as well! Sorry my blog’s in Spanish. You can try to web-translate it but the results are usually kinda weird…
    Best regards from Madrid, Spain.

  2. You’re welcome. I already figured out you would like Esotika’s blog.
    Sometimes I web-translate my own posts into German and I find the distorted results to be quite interesting.

  3. thanks, but now I’ll never update!

  4. I saw that coming. But I can edit the text about you any time. There’s no rule for this.

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