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Gone to Croatan


I’m leaving for my holidays. So there will be no posts for a couple of weeks. Just one thing though. What do I think of writing which covers the same ground as I do, but in a more coherent and academic way? Well, I very often appreciate it. Or as Henri Rousseau said to Picasso: We are the two […]

Cover of the “Warm Leatherette” single by The Normal Daniel Miller on his song which is based on J.G. Ballard’s novel  Crash: “Warm Leatherette” got a much better response than I thought. I didn’t think anyone would like it at all, and I did it as a hobby, really. It was in l978, right after Punk […]

A couple of days ago I received the ‘Thinking Blogger’ award from Esotika Erotica Psychotica. I don’t know if I deserve an award with such a name as it took me quite a while to understand that I received it. Well, I accept this award (which is basically a meme) because I’m in such good company and because it looks […]

Meet the Kyrous


Still from Un honnête homme directed by Ado Kyrou Just found out that Jahsonic is currently reading Ado Kyrou’s Le surréalisme au cinéma. Readers of my blog will be aware of my penchant for this author. I think it was in Ian Buruma’s Behind the Mask where I read about the distinction being made by […]

Recently I had some clicks on my about page. As the informations on this page are sparse, I’ll roam in future posts through the topography of my childhood and adolescence with special consideration of its media-landscapes. In this one I’ll concentrate on my mother and her interests before I was born, for the simple reason that my father hasn’t been […]