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Bio-comic on Philip K. Dick by Robert Crumb At you can read all of it. Astonishing passage in Lawrence Sutin’s Philip K. Dick biography Divine Invasions. In December 1976 came the “Zebra Principle”. Back in the sixties, Phil had read The Mask of the Medusa, a study of insect mimicry which suggested that humans […]

A door of perception? The first time that I read something about The Black Dahlia murder was in Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon . It must have been around the same time that I read Robert Lebel’s study on Marcel Duchamp. I was immediately struck by the similarities of the gruesome photo to be found in Anger’s […]

Illustration by Winsor McCay As far as I know laziness is rarely treated as a subversive strategy. My next posts will deal with various aspects of this trait which was classified by Thomas Aquinas as one of the seven capital sins.  Paul Lafargue, son-in-law of Karl Marx, wrote in 1880 the pamphlet The Right to be […]

Strange Guy


What is it that I stumble on Guy de Maupassant everywhere? He made his first appearance in my blog as a forerunner of surrealist mythology. Then I covered The Bel Ami International Art Competition, which was held for Albert Lewin’s adaptation of Maupassant’s novel. Two of his novellas were the source for films which I’ve recently seen […]