In 1949 André Beton made a brief stint as an editor for the french publisher Gallimard. He prepared a list of fifteen titles that he wished to publish in a collection named “Révélation”. But after the first book came out – Maurice Fourré’s La Nuit du Rose-Hôtel – no others followed for lack of commercial success.

The following titles were already announced as forthcoming:
Jean Ferry – Une étude sur Raymond Roussel
Arthur Cravan – Oeuvres
Pierre Piobb – Hécate
Alfred Kubin – L’autre côté
Benjamin Péret – Mythes et légendes d’Amérique

Breton’s list included furthermore Charles Fourier Jean Pierre Brisset Fulcanelli Hervey Saint-Denys Magloire Saint-Aude Gaston Puel  – Jean Pierre Duprey – an anthology of Art Brut – and  what I assume to be an anthology of occult texts edited by Denis Saurat (Breton’s entry reads as “Textes de XX. siècle [Saurat]”).

I‘m sure these became instant collector’s items in an alternate reality.



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  1. 1 jahsonic

    You have, of course, read Anthology of Black Humour? I loved it and still consult it regularly. I used to really dislike and disrespect Breton because of his pretentiousness and homophobia, until I read Anthology, I think he’s a very good literary critic and trainspotter.

  2. Sorry for answering you this late, but a flu knocked me out and I’m still a little shaky.
    Yes, he was quite good as a trainspotter. Breton was also an advisor for both Losfeld and Pauvert. I made a little research and tracked down some of the above mentionend titles.
    Losfeld published:
    Jean Ferry’s Etude in 1953
    Kubin’s L’autre côté in 1962
    Cravan’s Maintenant in 1957

    Pauvert published:
    also Kubin and the same title in 1964
    Fourier’s Théorie des quatres Mouvements in 1967
    Fulcanelli’s Les démeures philosophales in 1965

    Péret’s book eventually came out in 1960. It was published by Albin Michel.

    According to Losfeld, Breton also came up with the name “Terrain Vague” for his publishing house.


  3. I have this book with a little texte from Fourré (don’t know if the english word is “dedicace”) on the title page. I’ll post it on my bloone day soon.

  4. “bloone day soon?” it was late yesterday… = “blog one day, soon”. Congrats for all your texts and pics, very nice place to visit !

  5. After visiting your page I’m looking very much forward to your post. I’ll leave your mistake as it is for this reason.
    I think we’ll have a lot to discuss in the future.


  6. Sure… done ! I posted the scan of Fourré’s book. See you.

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