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Having no possibility to see Un dia de vida – one of former Yugoslavia’s national sanctuaries – I went for the next best thing. Luis Bunuel’s El Rio y la Muerte is, according to Francisco Aranda, made in a style reminiscent to that of Emilio Fernandez. His wife at that time, Columba Dominguez played the main […]

I am of Croatian origin and in my family there was sometimes mention of a famous Mexican film from the fifties, but all they knew was the title of a song that was included – Mama Juanita. This being a much beloved sentimental song in former Yugoslavia… it must have been covered a bizillion times […]



In 1949 André Beton made a brief stint as an editor for the french publisher Gallimard. He prepared a list of fifteen titles that he wished to publish in a collection named “Révélation”. But after the first book came out – Maurice Fourré’s La Nuit du Rose-Hôtel – no others followed for lack of commercial success. The following titles were […]

  It seems that Burroughs’ penchant  for “re-contextualization” got the best of him when he wrote: “At a surrealist rally in the 1920s Tristan Tzara the man from nowhere proposed to create a poem on the spot by pulling words out of a hat. A riot ensued wrecked the theatre. André Breton expelled Tristan Tzara […]

In 1968 Antony Balch released an altered version of Witchcraft through the Ages. He added a Jazz score and a voice-over narration by William Burroughs. Its initial reception was quite controversial. Especially Stan Brakhage was very infuriated by it, calling it the “bastardized ‘English’ version”. He asked: “Why did Burroughs participate in this barbarous act? Suppose […]

A dream comes true. Jack Stevenson’s Witchcraft through the Ages is  a whole book devoted to Benjamin Christensen and one of my favourite films. Although of small size – somewhat reminiscent of the BFI Film Classics series – it offers loads of information and is beautifully illustrated. The book confirmed that Christensen was influenced by Michelet’s La Sorcière. […]

Alain Resnais announced in a recent interview with Positif the forthcoming DVD releases of Je t’aime, Je t’aime and Providence. Je t’aime, je t’aime is a film I’ve most eagerly awaited for years as it is very rarely screened. Jonathan Rosenbaum says it was one of the main inspirations for Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. This time travel […]

A couple of years ago I found two books on the shelves of my local library, mirroring my own tastes and expectations in the movies. The first one being Ado Kyrou’s Le Surréalisme au Cinéma and the other one Paul Hammond’s collection of surrealist writings on the Cinema The Shadow and its Shadow. Since then I collected lots of other […]